Sunday, September 5, 2010

LoVe Me

2 tajuk lagu baru yg aku boh lam blog ak neh..
by justin bieber~~
tp ak da gak la nk citew sai 'my lieber'( my love in german)...
tats my love...
kalu tanya aku of coz la ak syg kt dya~~
hope ur relationship will never fade..
till death..

saying about 'love' neh sometime make me sick..

  • bcoz of love some gurl do anything n sometime stupid thing coz of it..
  • some people would 4get thier fwen
  • some1 would suicide coz failed in love..
  • etc..(tmbh sdr erk)
but sometime love make me cure..
y..?? coz...:
  • with love u getup from dream
  • also bein love by some1 r most epy moment
  • etc...(kowg tambah la sdr)