Wednesday, October 13, 2010


wat da fuck?
wat da fish?
wat da hell?

donno la..jus guin 2 clas hope my lecturer notice tat im a gud student!
i admit..
i wanna my lecturer see me in tat way!
no use being a bad student!
still donno y him keep pointing at me n said not god enough!
my fren said myb he wan u 2 b better than this~
ok fine..
but no need to push me!
but my mom said sometime n some ppl need tat!

next chapter
my babe..
i love u..
wat i did to u(make fun)
jus a joke i don mean anythg..
ya i know now u r hurt with tat..
im sorry!
i won do tat again..
b +..

p/s:bodban line cm nk hooroom!neh pon meh guna cik noe~tq dear