Tuesday, October 12, 2010

*_* pHarMaColOgY iN oUr VerSiOn

chapter:CHF (cardiac heart failure)

wat is heart disease?
-heart tat have disease
wat is heart attack?
-heart tat have being attack?
wat relation between heart disease n heart attack?
-in relationship!(fb)
wat is high blood pressure?
-blood tat have high pressure

explain mechanism of high blood pressure?
-blood tat flow in vessel,when the cholestrol plaque accumulate the vessel constric the blood move in high speed,so the blood kn 'speed trap'..

wat is cholestrol plaque?
-'plaque'~bkn 'plug' kt moto 2 kew
~yg kt gg 2 erk?
link between high blood pressure n heart attack?
-when the blood got 'speed trap' the blood attack the heart..

crossection of vessel tat have cholestrol plaque
-hurm so bad..but its look like cheese fizza (coz tyme 2 tingin nk mkn fizza)