Monday, October 18, 2010

HarI yg CukUp IndAh

indah sguh ari neh ak qasa!
sgt2 bersyukur krn d uji sebegini rupa~
coz my mom said once HE give u obstacle tat mean HE still love u u wanted u 2 b more closer to HIM~

list of obstacles tat i face today:
  1. need to attend da clas at moning even im lazy enough
  2. make sure my eyes not closed during my beloved lecturer start naging(so hard u know)
  3. my phone account r rm0.02 sen so cant msj with hubby
  4. my finger get cut by a piece of paper!(nonsense!dont mind if being cut by others thing)
  5. then its start bleeding n i need tissues to stop it even not so serius actually
  6. when i ask few fren n got it my dear lecturer scold me coz im not pay at-10-tion to his clas!
  7. then he told tat most of us got less mark 4 mid sem(ofcoz me 2)
  8. next clas the lecturer suddenly duin clas test
  9. then finish the clas wanted to eat but no food already at cafe n CM
  10. guin to lab n doin ointment n top of all my partner r 'Son Of A Bitch'
  11. i hate him n all his geng!im tryg harder not 2 hate my dude tat also in tat geng!
  12. they r jus like 4 the first time guin out from estate!!(their origin)
  13. have VIVA today n im get VP(very poor)
  14. damm!my hand start parkinsonism n supraventricular dillation!(shivering)
  15. so tired n then hubby text me but i cant reply till i topup then suddenly he text me n said 'r u goin out with other guy?we r gettg married n u do tis to me??'..
  16. OMG wat a nice day n im done~
blik hostel mkn n topup n kol mummy then bru kol hubby nsb bek da bek blik~
tq 4 my dear babe n dude tat try make me happy..